Sunday, February 23, 2014

Girl on Fire... Angel of Heaven

I wrote this post with a heavy heart. I don't want to say anything more.


My cries were muffled by those strong hands which closed my mouth and my eyes were tearing in fear not in pain. My ears had shielded itself from the grievous plans my captors might speak of. After two minutes of struggle, my mouth had gone dry with nothing not even voice to call for help. I felt weak and that made me cry once again. Crying was the one action I was doing continuous, at first it was a howling, then a squeal and then finally sobbing.

My whole body ached in pain and shuddered with fear. It was a shameful sensation with my body being carried away by a bunch of strangers against my will. When I shivered earlier out of cold or a hot head situation, I might get comfortable with a blanket to cover my weakness but now my shivering was felt by those two pair of hands which carried me and it gave me a sense of shame. I was naked with fear.

What was next? I knew the answer for the question. Two broad men carrying a young girl out into the darkness. It could always lead to the destruction of a happy family. My parents… My dad’s face came to my mind and it was sad and I wanted to call him for help. He would have definitely come for saving his child. He was very protective over me and now his daughter is being manhandled by two strangers.

My mother was standing by the gate when she sent me off and her teary eyes came to my mind.
Oh… I would never get to fight playfully with my brother and I hated myself for fighting with him before leaving house. I want to play with him but now all my emotions were powerless inside a fragile body which I once loved to take care of but soon to be destroyed.

I hate life….

My life… which I once loved. And I don’t know the reason and it definitely was not my fault. Being good looking was not my fault and wanting to be presentable was nothing but a girl’s desire. All this had become a reason for the loss of life and respect.

Will I survive this???

Those two strangers moved through a dark narrow pathway which held nothing near to light. It was darkness which knew no limits. I barely was able to see before and now even that was constrained. But those two strangers glided through the pathway like a trained rat inside a maze. Too many turns and twists and finally, they pushed and pulled my body into a throw.

It was a heavy fall over a cemented earth. It took me more than a minute to recover. There was blood covering my lips which had cut. I didn’t worry about that at that movement. I had better things to worry about.

My body was free to move but under the influence of darkness, it was of very small help but a needed one to improve my self-esteem. I pulled myself on my feet and tried to find some light but it was pitch darkness. Nothing existed there.

I began to whimper with fear. I tried walking and kept on knocked down by the two pillars standing. I even had doubt whether it was a single pillar, I just kept bumping into.

After what seemed to be an hour, I lost all my energy and slowly pain had started climbing up my rib. I closed by stomach with folded hands and sat on the floor. I waited for the inevitable to happen in fear.

I wanted it to be over with. Waiting was even more painful. I wanted to die. It was a mercy. I knocked my head at the cement wall. After three knocks, my head began to spin but my consciousness had not left me. I was there looking at the darkness waiting for my death to happen but there were plans which were made not by us but by one who controls us all.


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