Monday, November 30, 2015


Once upon a time when the world we now live was nothing more than just a dark, gloomy skies and  hopeless lives, the world ached for an end. All men and other life forms wanted a break out from this hell. They all decided to give up their life by jumping off the tallest cliff in their world. On the verge of their end, the cosmic force decided to play a joke on them.

The dark clouds broke and made way for light. Few beings, glowing and moving gracefully stepped down from the heaven or whatever that could be compared to heaven. These beings are called as "WOMAN", Goddess venus's hand-mirror image.

They moved through darkness trying to wade darkness away from everything they could see. And that was when fell in love with Men, strong and vicious creature. Giving up on all the comforts of the heaven, they settled down with men as their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

For a being so tough, brave, dedicated, iron-willed and confident there are no ornaments which could add more beauty to them. Their soul reflects their purity but still ART-ery is one brand which has come so close to amplify Woman's beauty.

ART-ery is a woman-centric brand which lets a woman express her inner beauty. Intense delicacy is followed while handpicking the designs and in some cases handcrafted, so much artistic zeal is involved that it resonates the inner beauty of a woman.

ART-ery's Ornaments of beauty:
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With ART-ery, Express your inner self with a piece of ART and celebrate the woman in you.

Woman who found theirs,

ART-ery will help you find yours !!!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Girl on Fire... Angel of Heaven

I wrote this post with a heavy heart. I don't want to say anything more.


My cries were muffled by those strong hands which closed my mouth and my eyes were tearing in fear not in pain. My ears had shielded itself from the grievous plans my captors might speak of. After two minutes of struggle, my mouth had gone dry with nothing not even voice to call for help. I felt weak and that made me cry once again. Crying was the one action I was doing continuous, at first it was a howling, then a squeal and then finally sobbing.

My whole body ached in pain and shuddered with fear. It was a shameful sensation with my body being carried away by a bunch of strangers against my will. When I shivered earlier out of cold or a hot head situation, I might get comfortable with a blanket to cover my weakness but now my shivering was felt by those two pair of hands which carried me and it gave me a sense of shame. I was naked with fear.

What was next? I knew the answer for the question. Two broad men carrying a young girl out into the darkness. It could always lead to the destruction of a happy family. My parents… My dad’s face came to my mind and it was sad and I wanted to call him for help. He would have definitely come for saving his child. He was very protective over me and now his daughter is being manhandled by two strangers.

My mother was standing by the gate when she sent me off and her teary eyes came to my mind.
Oh… I would never get to fight playfully with my brother and I hated myself for fighting with him before leaving house. I want to play with him but now all my emotions were powerless inside a fragile body which I once loved to take care of but soon to be destroyed.

I hate life….

My life… which I once loved. And I don’t know the reason and it definitely was not my fault. Being good looking was not my fault and wanting to be presentable was nothing but a girl’s desire. All this had become a reason for the loss of life and respect.

Will I survive this???

Those two strangers moved through a dark narrow pathway which held nothing near to light. It was darkness which knew no limits. I barely was able to see before and now even that was constrained. But those two strangers glided through the pathway like a trained rat inside a maze. Too many turns and twists and finally, they pushed and pulled my body into a throw.

It was a heavy fall over a cemented earth. It took me more than a minute to recover. There was blood covering my lips which had cut. I didn’t worry about that at that movement. I had better things to worry about.

My body was free to move but under the influence of darkness, it was of very small help but a needed one to improve my self-esteem. I pulled myself on my feet and tried to find some light but it was pitch darkness. Nothing existed there.

I began to whimper with fear. I tried walking and kept on knocked down by the two pillars standing. I even had doubt whether it was a single pillar, I just kept bumping into.

After what seemed to be an hour, I lost all my energy and slowly pain had started climbing up my rib. I closed by stomach with folded hands and sat on the floor. I waited for the inevitable to happen in fear.

I wanted it to be over with. Waiting was even more painful. I wanted to die. It was a mercy. I knocked my head at the cement wall. After three knocks, my head began to spin but my consciousness had not left me. I was there looking at the darkness waiting for my death to happen but there were plans which were made not by us but by one who controls us all.


Sunday, September 08, 2013

Suicide - A Step by Step Process


I am writing this blog post in present tense because suicide is not something which anyone plans for, It is something which just happens in this particular moment, ‘now’ , when you forget to remember that you still have hope to continue with your life. 

Whether this is fiction or not, please don’t bother thinking. This is real. Continue reading.

What goes on inside a Suicide prone mind?

I sit here staring at the blank screen trying to think of all the things I did in my life but to my dismay, I remember only the ones I didn’t do in my life. I close my eyes trying to tell myself, it is fine. Routine is not forever. Things will change, I try to think, but then a sad voice tells me from inside, subtle but hard to ignore, with a shade of a constant irritation and loneliness,

“No, it never does or never will. It didn’t change for the day before today like it won’t change for the day after…”  

I close my eyes and swallow the voice inside deep by telling or yelling aloud from inside to myself, “Go away!!! It will change”. It didn’t struggle to come out. It just goes deep inside me. I know what it is going to do inside me from that moment on. 

For that moment, the voice disappears. I must be happy or at least not sad but I know that the voice will return with new vigor. It will dig into all my past and create a new sadistic imaginary future which I don’t want to be part of.

I will be able to fight it if it is going to attack me but no, it never attacks. The voice which never leaves is my lonely companion who offers his shoulder for me to cry while I am left alone in this bitter and unremarkable world.  It just makes me feel sad and comforted away from everything bad. Suddenly I like to be sad and I like to be left alone. The epitome of loneliness is the “Suicide…”

The next day when the voice speaks again, I am already weak from the way it left me the day before. Today, the voice speaks, “Did today change from yesterday?”

I am not having an answer to this question so I stay silent and accept the fate. That is the reason for me Suicide…

What do he/ she not see from reality?
Close your eyes, you see stars inside the darkness infested walls of your eye lids. 

No, you don’t see stars inside…???

Then you don’t hear the sad voice too. It is imagination one fails to see. Life is what you see or what you think you see.  

Frustration can tell you many things which will make you feel, you are the only person who will understand yourself and then you feel the urge to succumb to the ultimate end. 

Of course, you are the only person who can really understand yourself but the problem is you do not put effort to understand yourself correctly.

You just listen to only the bad things or things which appear bad to you now.

Today’s bad is tomorrow’s achievement. Pain is the way of life telling us we are going in the right direction. Muscle needs exercise for toning and frustration is a type of pain for seasoning your mind into something strong and powerful.

The beautiful thing about pain and frustration is it makes you search for things which will make you happy. Every Suicide happens because; the person stopped their search in the middle. A step forward would have brought them to their search’s end…

How to come out it?

  •  Find what you really want to do in your life?
    for instance: I found my gift to be writing only after I lost something close to my heart

  • Make new hobbies and start loving them
  • It is a sweet sadness which you feel inside when depression or frustration creeps in but when it leaves you, you are weak and without hope. Do not give into that temptation. It is of no good to anyone.
  • Think of the loved ones. How they will feel after you are gone?
  • Give yourself an ambition and work for it. Become aggressive in reaching your goals.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Believe in Me - Chapter 3 - Decide Over the Well - Genre: Thriller

Chapter 3

Decide Over the Well

Expectations always crumble when faced with reality, whether it was good or bad didn’t matter. It was just that the world worked in mysterious ways which our minds could never comprehend. I found the stick note in the drawer where I had placed and locked, in the same upturned position so I didn’t feel the need to worry about it anymore. It was just a bad dream I had yesterday.

I sighed relief bordered with a small disappointment. I had to accept the fact that a small curiosity was starting to bud in my heart ever since I received the anonymous note but maybe that was an over rated response. Nothing ever happened in an IT company apart from the resource billing and allocation which would never make sense for anyone.

Work was routine and it didn’t change for my likings. I was pretty much occupied with the documents and decks to be prepared and delivered by EOD. Time went forward without my permission and before I closed my worksheet the lunch time had come. I got into the elevator to get to the ground floor. My friend was waiting for me in one of the cafeterias in our humungous campus. 

“Btw where had Sri gone?” Someone in the elevator asked the guy next to him.

“Don’t know… I think she left home. Some family emergency. Didn’t even wait to tell me yesterday”, the guy was wearing a blue shirt and ivory colored pants answered. His voice was jittery and showed more fear than respect, probably he might be a trainee and the other guy should be his project leader or manager. Being a writer, I had to observe the behavior of people more keenly in a manner no one ever did so that my readers won’t have a chance to complain my characters were not humane. 

“She texted you? I didn’t get any mail from her”, definitely a project leader – I assumed.

“No Siva… Tried reaching her this morning. She didn’t pick it. Last night she had written a note saying family emergency and left.”

“How did she leave? You take the same cab as that of her na? I mean I have not even approved the cab request for the day. How could she have left?” Siva enquired with his eyebrows fighting with each other.

“Don’t know Siva. Might be some relatives would have come. You can call her and ask na”, He pushed the responsibility to the PL.

That was the moment; I felt a shudder in my body. I couldn’t understand why but I felt something had gone terribly wrong in this picture. For a moment, the elevator froze in its mid-descendance. The note written and left for the other guy and a girl named Sri disappearing. It was somewhat coincidental.

This is not right…

First of all, I wanted to know more about the missing girl. These guys got inside the elevator from the 5th floor which was right above mine and there was just a single account put up and the other side was dedicated for future projects so they belonged to the KHCL project. I would find out about her soon.

Suddenly I remembered something which I should have done long before. The elevator halted in the ground floor. I got out of it as it was about to start moving towards the basement. Instead of waiting for its ascending, I took the stairs and climbed to the 4th floor with skips and leaps. Though, I was physically fit for such action, still my body still panted - due to the missed work outs in the last few months due to publishing work. 

After precise 1.5 minutes, I was standing in the 4th floor in-front of the glass door sweating and panting. I swiped my card to gain access and dodged the people who came out of the ODC. I rushed to my seat and opened the drawer with the key I had hanged along with the ID card near my chest.
I held the yellow stick notes lying down untouched. At least that was what I thought. And the shock awaited me there. 

“A day is dawned, when night meets the sun, so does this life, when you go blind.”
“Tonight @ 12, let’s see the blinded face”

It was not the same note which I had left there lying yesterday. It had been replaced by someone. And the most frightening part was; it barely made any sense. It was talking about a blinded face. This was not a joke. Sudden disappearance of the girl was related to my not being there yesterday night at 12. It was a cruel jape on me and I felt responsible for the whole mess but I was not ready for whatever that was about to meet me.

“A blinded face?”

It reminded me of a face without eyes or eyes hollowed out. My mind was playing tricks on me. Even my own mind was against my well being. Fear had deposited itself deep inside me. Once again I had options but now, the loss if I failed to make the right decision would be of a girl’s life or even another.

Whatever it was, I was ready to face it and the decision had been made. I would stay and meet the blind face no matter how much scary it would look to be. And only a fool would chose to fight a battle where he had no chance to win and I thought I was not that great a fool. I looked around for things which would help me protect myself in case things didn’t go well.

Found a screw driver lying beneath the round table inside the conference room near the CPU. It was better than not having a knife. I hid it inside my shirt to avoid cameras and my enemy’s notice who should have been right there but whom I was failing to identify and brought it back to the ODC.

“Sheela, I think I will stay here tonight. Have a deliverable to be finished by early morning tomorrow”, I informed Sheela.

“Which one? That workflow modification? I thought you had finished it long back. It’s ok. We can ask the customer for more time. You don’t have to stretch for that.” She tried.

“It’s ok. I will finish it. If I don’t do it, I won’t get a good night sleep”, I gave her a quick defeated smile.

“Hmmm, get a life Ashwin”, she told and left early for the day.

I face palmed thinking of my fate having to listen to her saying that to me.

Now, everything had been set. The stage had been made for the actors. The hero stayed in his position waiting for the villain to arrive. I was not a born fighter but I did have a few fights during my college and I knew I could handle a guy for sure. But there was a small confusion in my head. How could someone reach out to me without being noticed by the cameras outside? It would be possible only if the person was already inside for a very long time. 

Still I waited for the blind face to show up.

“Life is a battle even for our enemies, so it will always be fair.”