Monday, November 30, 2015


Once upon a time when the world we now live was nothing more than just a dark, gloomy skies and  hopeless lives, the world ached for an end. All men and other life forms wanted a break out from this hell. They all decided to give up their life by jumping off the tallest cliff in their world. On the verge of their end, the cosmic force decided to play a joke on them.

The dark clouds broke and made way for light. Few beings, glowing and moving gracefully stepped down from the heaven or whatever that could be compared to heaven. These beings are called as "WOMAN", Goddess venus's hand-mirror image.

They moved through darkness trying to wade darkness away from everything they could see. And that was when fell in love with Men, strong and vicious creature. Giving up on all the comforts of the heaven, they settled down with men as their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

For a being so tough, brave, dedicated, iron-willed and confident there are no ornaments which could add more beauty to them. Their soul reflects their purity but still ART-ery is one brand which has come so close to amplify Woman's beauty.

ART-ery is a woman-centric brand which lets a woman express her inner beauty. Intense delicacy is followed while handpicking the designs and in some cases handcrafted, so much artistic zeal is involved that it resonates the inner beauty of a woman.

ART-ery's Ornaments of beauty:
Ear Cuffs
Arm Cuffs
Finger Rings
Home Decor

With ART-ery, Express your inner self with a piece of ART and celebrate the woman in you.

Woman who found theirs,

ART-ery will help you find yours !!!

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